Your car battery problems solved. Any where, Any time, Any car!

If you’re getting late and your car doesn’t start, you might be in for a bad day.
Now, you never have to worry about a flat battery again. Just save our toll free number 800 247 365.


Dial-A-Battery Service: 60 minutes in 60 seconds!
You’re running late for work and rush to your car, turn the ignition and realize that your car’s battery is dead. Now what? Simply call Dial-A-Battery at 800-247-365 to help you get moving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Watch this video and see how it works.


Dial-A-Battery Corporate Video
Watch our Corporate Video to find out more about our service, how we started and the customer experiences we offer through our expertise.


Stuck with a dead car battery? You need dial-a-battery, your comprehensive solution to all of your car’s battery needs.