The day your car refuses to start is definitely not the day your car battery needs to be replaced. Usually, a car battery has a lifespan of 3-5 years, however with the harsh weather conditions in the UAE, the optimal run time for a car battery is 1-2 years at the most.

If you are faced with any of the following questions, you should know that it is time to replace your car battery:

1.What does it mean when the check engine light is on?
If your check engine light in the car is on, it can be an indicator of minor issues like a faulty gas cap or a major problem like a misfiring engine. It may also come on when your car battery is dying. A battery test by a mechanic can help determine if your battery is not working at full capacity and needs to be replaced.

2. What can frequent car backfiring mean?
When your car backfires, it is a sure shot sign that your battery needs to be replaced. A dying car battery can cause intermittent sparks causing fuel to accumulate in the cylinders. When this built up fuel is ignited while starting the car, your car backfires. If your car is backfiring, it calls for a battery test and replacement.

3. What do dim lights and slow cranking indicate?
Dim lights including your headlights indicate that your battery is not able to fully power up your car. Also, if your car engine is starting more slowly or sluggishly than normal, it means that your battery is failing and needs to be replaced.

4. What can a clicking sound while starting engine mean?
When you hear clicking sounds while starting the engine, it means that your starter is receiving insufficient power from the car battery. This can be an indicator that your battery is dying and needs to be replaced

5. What does smell of rotten eggs from the car hood indicate?
If you open the hood of your car and a waft of rotten eggs hits you, it is likely because of a leaky battery. Damage to your car battery can cause it to leak gas. This is a red flag that should not be ignored and the car battery should be checked and replaced immediately.

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