We have all at one point wondered what exactly is inside a car battery? What exactly is inside this little box which makes it all work? Let’s unravel the mystery of maintaining the wet-cell battery for you. A wet-cell battery is a rechargeable battery containing a liquid electrolyte such as sulfuric acid (yes, acid!).

The main reason lead-acid batteries break down and lose capacity is battery sulfation. But fear not! By regularly performing these essential maintenance tasks, you can optimize the performance and reliability of your battery.

You must add distilled water to the lead-acid battery.
Believe it or not. Your car battery dehydrates too!! The electrolyte level in the battery lowers over time. If the electrolyte level is too low, the plates in the battery cells are exposed and will suffer damage. Additionally, as the water content reduces, the sulphuric acid will be more concentrated and you will need to replace the electrolyte.

This is where distilled water comes to the rescue! Adding distilled water to the car battery restores the concentration of battery acid. So this is how you do it:

1. Check the level indicator to know the battery water level

2. Make sure you always have distilled water nearby

Never fill a battery with normal water. It will damage your battery. (Seriously, don’t!)

3. Install an automatic battery water filler system

This is a lifesaver. A battery water filler system uses filler caps with floats that are connected to each other via water hoses. It keeps your battery from over-filling.

The second task in battery maintenance is charging. It is important to charge your car battery evenly to ensure that it works properly. Your car is now ready to take you to work or just a fun outing with friends!

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