Should I disconnect my battery if my car is parked long-term?

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Should I disconnect my battery if my car is parked long-term?

If you are a car owner going on vacation, one question will surely strike your mind: should you disconnect the car battery if you are going to park it for a long time in the garage or not?

Well, it depends upon the duration of your vacation and that is what we are going to discuss ahead.

We at Dial a Battery provide you with a 24×7 guaranteed battery solution on the spot anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. So here we will let you know what you should do to prevent any problem with your car’s battery.

If you are planning a vacation for a couple of days, you don’t need to worry much as there wouldn’t be any serious consequences of it on your car’s battery. However, if the duration is for over 3 weeks, then you may need to consider giving it some thought. When you use your car often, then you give time to the battery to recharge. In modern-day cars, the radio system, alarm system, and engine computer drain the battery even if the car isn’t in use. Though the battery drain is very little, prolonged parking of your car may lead to the complete discharge of your car’s battery.

Vacations for over a month will leave your car idle which could impact your battery that may force you to even replace it with a new one. Thus, it is always recommended that you disconnect your car’s battery before heading out for longer trips. You won’t expect that after coming back, you lose access to most of your car’s features due to a dead battery.

In case your car’s battery fails after you come back from a long vacation, don’t worry! Dial-A-Battery is always up to assist you with its hassle-free inspection process. Just simply reach us by calling our helpline number 800 24 7 365

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