On average, a car battery lasts for 3 -5 years. However, given the arid weather of the UAE, the car batteries get affected and last for 2 – 3 years at the most. While getting stuck with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere or even in the middle of a busy schedule is a nightmare, taking simple, effective, and timely measures can help you extend the life of your car battery.

The life of your car battery also needs well-scheduled checks and maintenance. Here are a couple of tips that can help you extend the life of your car battery:

1. Make sure to turn off all lights when you leave the car – Cabin lights or car headlights if left on through the night, can drain your car battery. It is a good idea to walk past your headlights after leaving your car to ensure that the lights are off and your battery is not strained.

2. Limit the use of electronics while your car is idling – Extended periods of idling can wear your battery down. When your engine isn’t running, remember to turn off the electronic functions like radio or air-conditioner.

3. Avoid driving for short rides – It is no news that once your engine starts, your battery is constantly recharged during the journey. If you take too many short trips, your car battery voltage will reduce steadily until it is totally discharged. If your car is often used for short trips, it is a good idea to invest in a good battery charger.

4. Try to avoid heat exposure of your car – If your car is exposed to extreme heat for a long time, you run a risk of a high rate of water evaporation from the car battery. It is ideal to park your vehicle in shade or to keep it garaged when not in use.

5. Make sure your car battery is tightly fastened in the tray – One of the major reasons that reduce your car battery life is vibrations. It is vital to ensure that your car battery is held down properly at all times. Use an approved battery clamp to ensure it is tightly fastened to the battery tray.

6. Clean your battery regularly to control corrosion – A dirty battery can get discharged and the terminal can corrode due to the dirt on top of the battery casing. You can easily clean the battery terminals at home with a scrubbing brush using baking soda and water mixture.

7. Avoid leaving your car unused for a long time – Irrespective of the make and model of your car, if your car is left unused for a long time, your car battery will self-discharge over time. If your car is sitting in the garage for too long, charging your battery regularly is advisable.

8. Get your battery tested from time to time – It is important to check the battery’s output voltage at least once a month with a good battery tester. It will help you determine the condition of your battery and whether you are due for a replacement.

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