With use (and use and use), your battery is going to be depleted and is bound to become old. But how exactly do you check your battery’s life? Well, you should start by opening the hood and looking at the battery’s sticker. Many batteries will have a sticker printed with the date information.

If the battery doesn’t have this, then look for a heat stamp, engraving, or a strip with an alphanumeric code. The first two characters of the code should give you the date information.

The first of these characters is usually a number that corresponds to the last digit of the year the battery was made (like the battery’s birthday!). Usually, manufacturers use a 10-year cycle for battery codes. So, a 9 could indicate that the battery was produced either in 2009 or in 2019.

The second character is usually a letter from A through L that corresponds to the 12 months of the calendar with A being January, D being April, etc (yes,it’s confusing).

Depending on your battery’s manufacturer, sometimes an expiration date will be indicated. If 2-3 years (or more) have passed since the listed expiration date, you should get a replacement battery immediately!

There are other causes as well which lead to an increased rate of battery degradation. They include inaccurate control of charging voltages for e.g. overcharging of lead – acid batteries. Thus, maintenance of batteries is necessary to ensure good performance. For e.g. the complete discharge of nickel – cadmium batteries or routine charging of lead – acid batteries (keep charging away!)

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