Did you know, one of the most vulnerable components in your car is your car battery?

Heat is a killer of batteries. Each 8°C (15°F) rise in temperature cuts the life of a sealed lead acid battery in half. This indicates that a sealed lead–acid battery which should last for 5 years if continuously exposed to 33°C (92°F) temperature will only last for 12months if kept in the constant desert temperature of 41°C (106°F).

In a place like UAE, where 40°C (104°F) is a norm during the summer months between May and September, heat is unavoidable. The car a/c is also generally on full blast when the outside temperature is averaging 41°C (106°F). Given that most car batteries are designed to function optimally at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F), it is no surprise that car batteries hardly last for two years.

Batteries contain a liquid that is a mix of acid and water. When the car and the battery are constantly exposed to high temperatures, the heat along with gaseous venting, causes the liquid to slowly evaporate. Since the level of fluids become too low, the internal plates of the battery are not protected and cause damage.

The bad news is that once the heat damage occurs, the capacity of the battery can get permanently altered and it cannot be restored. However, according to the 2010 BCI Failure Mode Study, the starter batteries have become more heat resistant. Thanks to the technical advancements, by 2010, the average lifespan of a starter battery had jumped to 55 months in the best of weather conditions (approximately 5 years).

The standard flooded lead-acid battery is still one of the most reliable systems for hot climates. With good maintenance, regular topping up, and good ventilation, these batteries can be made to last longer. Leading companies have come up with batteries specifically manufactured for warmer climates. While purchasing a battery, it is important to look for a marking of “S” or “South” on the battery casing.

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