How often do you use your car? Are you someone who uses it every day or does it spend a lot of time idle? Leaving your car unused over prolonged periods can impact various parts of the car, including the battery.
We at Dial a Battery provide you with a 24×7 guaranteed battery solution on the spot anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We are here to share a few tips on how often you should start your car to avoid any uncertain situation.

In general, new cars don’t require regular drives as their parts are new and can work efficiently, but as soon as the car gets old, you need to take more care of it. If your car is more than 2 years old, you need to start your car once every 2-3 weeks or at least once a month. There is a myth common among car owners that if they are keeping their car idle in the garage then it’s safe but actually, this is a wrong assumption.

If you’re not using your car regularly, it means you’re not giving a chance for your car’s battery to recharge. This will lead the battery to discharge within a few weeks or in a month.

Moreover, the problem is not only with batteries but with parts too. Just turning on the engine will not be enough as you have to drive your car long enough to give a proper run to the parts of your car. Every part of the car is supposed to be warmed up so that it can function easily like the engine, the exhaust, and the drivetrain. Turning on the engine also leads to the removal of moisture from the internal parts. So, it is always suggested to run the car often instead of letting it lay idle in the garage.

In case your car’s battery fails you due to prolonged periods of standing in the garage, don’t worry! Dial-A-Battery is always up to assist you with its hassle-free inspection process. Just simply reach us by calling our helpline number 800 24 7 365.