It is a very common question that almost every car owner has. Does a short journey drain the car battery or not? The answer is simple, but to understand the logic behind this, you must know the working mechanism of a car’s battery.

The Dial-a-Battery experts provide you with a 24×7 guaranteed battery solution on the spot anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. So here we explore if short journeys drain car batteries.

During a short journey, you are using the car battery more often and charging it less. The power of initiation to start the electrical components is always larger as compared to the power required to run these components afterward. Frequent stop and start of the battery during the short journey drains more battery and it takes several kilometers to recharge it again. If you are using more power very often to start those electrical components of the car, eventually it will drain out soon. So, the answer to the above question is YES, short journeys drain the car battery.

Let’s try to understand this more deeply. Generally, people take short trips and think that this will keep their car’s battery running long, but that’s completely wrong. Continuous shorter trips will not let your battery recover well and it will only deteriorate the battery condition.

‘Alternator’ is the part that maintains the battery charge. During a long journey, this part keeps intact with the battery and allows the battery to maintain charge throughout the journey by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy that runs most of the electrical components of the car including lights, wipers, sound system, radio, etc. with full potential.

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