Dead car battery spoiling your plans for the day?

If you have a pair of jumper cables, the idea of using them may tempt you… But hold on!

Jump-starting in itself may seem to be a relatively simple one. However, merely having the jumper cables might not be enough to get your car started, the smallest of technical glitches in the process can cause serious damage to you or your car.

Here are the most common mistakes that can add to your troubles instead of solving them.

Wrong or spoilt jumper cables

Fully functional jumper cables are the first requirement for jump-starting your vehicle. The emphasis here is on ‘fully functional’ since cables can become defective over time or may come with manufacturing defects. Don’t forget to read the directions properly before using new jumper cables or boost boxes.

Accessories left powered on

You have likely accessorized your car for maximum comfort. If so, check and verify that all the accessories like radio, AC/ heater, phone, or auxiliary chargers are all powered off or unplugged before you attempt the jump start. During the process, there can be a power surge which can permanently damage the electronic connections throughout your vehicle.

Little or no knowledge about Owner’s Manual

Is it your first time trying to jump-start your car?? It is best to read through the owner’s manual before you proceed. Some cars should not be jump-started with jumper cables. In the off chance that your car is one of those, by trying to jump it back to life, you may cause damage to your car and void the manufacturer’s warranty all at the same time!

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