How often has it happened that you needed to get somewhere urgently and you are stuck with a dead battery instead?! Isn’t it frustrating?

At such times, it would help if you have a pair of jumper cables or a car booster. However, you can avoid these situations altogether if you look out for the common battery issues and avoid them. Here are a few tips to consider:

Loss of electrolytes

When exposed to constant heat, batteries lose electrolyte faster due to evaporation. Your car battery is likely to provide low power and starting problems. To avoid it, a good practice is to check the electrolyte level regularly

Frequent start-ups

Did you know that every time you start your engine, the motor draws more power from the battery, leaving it drained? If you do it often, the alternator doesn’t get sufficient time to recharge the battery. It is a good idea to leave the engine running in traffic or during short trips to conserve the life and performance of the battery.

Multiple electrical equipment

You likely have a music system, charger, LED lights, navigation systems, etc. in your car. All these devices draw charge from the battery. If you use them when the car engine is not running, you’re risking a discharged battery. It is ideal to use these devices when the car engine is on.

Dirty battery

Grease, dirt, and grime around your battery electrodes can cause corrosion of battery components. The battery discharges faster and works inefficiently. Wiping the grime and grease regularly with paper towels and keeping the electrodes clean can prolong battery life.

Servicing and replacement

All the care in the world can’t replace the scheduled maintenance of your car battery. Servicing the battery regularly, and following professional advice for battery replacement is essential to keep you out of car battery troubles.

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