Road Safety During Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is upon us and it is an important time here in the UAE, which is predominantly Muslim. It is a time for sober reflections, piety and of course, fasting. However, fasting has a number of side effects which could result in unsafe conditions on the road during Ramadan. According to the several reports, the Holy month is associated with increased number of road accidents and fatalities, and here are the reasons why:

  • Road fatigue during Iftar traffic rush: there is usually a lot of traffic at this time and drivers are usually tired and fatigued while rushing around for their iftar appointments, and this can cause their attentions to falter.traffic
  • Fasting: fasting results in dehydration or low blood sugar which can cause driver attention and concentration to be low, resulting in poor road decisions.
  • Personal body fatigue: the irregular sleep patterns and eating habits that result during the Ramadan month can result in dizziness on the part of even experienced drivers.

What do you do?

  • Drive defensively: you have to assume that all other drivers may be fatigued or have their abilities affected.
  • Try and avoid the pre-Iftar traffic rush.
  • Do not fast beyond your capacity; be aware of your limits.
  • Get enough sleep and enough food when you can.
  • Ensure your vehicle is in top condition before the month begins so you would have no reason to be exasperated during your fasting.

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Dial-A-Battery makes Ramadan special for underprivileged kids

Dial-A-Battery, the popular 24×7 onsite battery replacement service offered by Al-Muqarram Auto Spare Parts Trading [A-MAP] – one of the leading distributors of automotive products across the region, organised a special Iftar get-together with underprivileged children last week, in line with its outreach during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Gift of Giving

The staff and management of Dial-A-Battery and A-MAP partnered with the Gift of Giving initiative by Action Care, to spend time with nearly 65 children from the National Charity Primary School and Al Hemam Center for a memorable evening at the Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. Various activities such as face painting and interactive games to entertain the kids were organised as part of the get-together.

The Iftar get-together was part of Dial-A-Battery and A-MAP’s company philosophy to play a responsible role in the community and support initiatives aimed at lending a helping hand to the unprivileged sections of the society. The program also emphasized Dial-A-Battery’s stellar contribution as not only a service oriented company but also a responsible corporate.

The event is another milestone addition to the corporate social responsibility initiatives undertaken both at Dial-A-Battery and A-MAP corporate levels during the year.

Iftar event

Taher Ali, Operations Manager at Dial-A-Battery, said: “The outreach with underprivileged children is part of the share and care philosophy we believe in, particularly during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Dial-A-Battery is proud to be a part of such noble initiatives which is integral to the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and contribution to community activities across all domains.”

The Gift of Giving 2016 initiative celebrates the themes of community and diversity with story-telling, games and activities that promote literacy while providing children with an opportunity to encounter and learn about different languages and methods of communication, including the Arabic sign language and Braille. The fun, activity-based program enhances children’s awareness and ability to interact with people with disabilities.