Is your Car Battery Old? Here’s how to check?

Is your Car Battery Old? Here’s how to check?

With use (and use and use), your battery is going to be depleted and is bound to become old. But how exactly do you check your battery’s life? Well, you should start by opening the hood and looking at the battery’s sticker. Many batteries will have a sticker printed with the date information.     …

What happens when you get the wrong car battery?

Car-makers design their vehicles to fit the specifications and standards with unmatched precision. Therefore you should always ensure to use the right battery size to optimize the performance of your car. Trying to fit a battery designed for a Mini into a vehicle as powerful as a Hummer is like the classic case of a …

Do you know how to jump start your car?

Imagine walking to your car, all excited to head out for a drive, or to work or wherever you have/want to go and you sit in the car, crank the engine and hear nothing. Nothing but the sound of an engine that won’t start because your car battery needs new life. Knowing how to jump-start …

What is the role of distilled water in battery life?

We have all at one point wondered what exactly is inside a car battery? What exactly is inside this little box which makes it all work? Let’s unravel the mystery of maintaining the wet-cell battery for you. A wet-cell battery is a rechargeable battery containing a liquid electrolyte such as sulfuric acid (yes, acid!). The …

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