Don’t be inconvenienced by a Flat Battery

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Don’t be inconvenienced by a flat battery this summer

Virtually everyone has experienced that sinking feeling – the one that comes right after you jump in the car, turn the key…and nothing happens. Quite simply, there’s never a good time for a battery to go flat.

Often, the cause is a simple accident, like leaving your interior light on overnight in older vehicles, or instead simply a matter of battery age. But sometimes, there are warning signs that your battery is on the way out, and by taking notice of these signs, you might just be able to avoid that sinking feeling.

Signs your battery may be fading

  • When you start the car, the engine is slower than usual to turn over.
  • If you start your car in the evenings you may notice the headlights dim.
  • The check engine indicator lamp may come on whenever you start your car.
  • Most cars have a battery charge warning light on the dashboard. If this light is on, it generally indicates the cars charging system is not working correctly which will most likely result in a flat battery.
  • The fluid level in your battery has dropped below the lead plates (some batteries have a viewing panel that allows you to visually check the level).

Call in the experts

The average car battery lasts around one and-a-half year (possibly less if you usually take short trips in stop/start traffic). So if you’ve experienced some of the symptoms listed above, now might be a good time to call in the experts.

Dial-A-Battery professional technicians will come to you anytime to replace your battery. We can replace your battery on the spot – no need to make an appointment, and no need to head out to a dealer. Our comprehensive range includes batteries for most makes and models, including many of the harder-to-find European and North American models. All our installations come with a warranty for your peace of mind.