If you are experiencing car starting troubles, it is most likely because of a dying car battery, corroded cable connections, faulty starter, or even an issue with the alternator.

While the car battery supplies the electric charge for the starting system and turns the gears to start the car, the alternator is the part that sends the current back to recharge the battery during the drive. The alternator also supplies power to your car’s electronics. When you have starting problem, it can be tough to determine whether the culprit is the battery or the alternator.

Here are the signs that can help you differentiate:

  • It could be time to replace your car battery if the cranking of your engine is sluggish. You can check your battery for any visible signs of corrosion on the terminals. If jump starting works, then you can be sure that you’ve got battery problems.
  • A low or dying battery can also be the result of a bad alternator. Other common indicators of a bad alternator are dimming lights and problems with the car stereo system output. When your car starts but stalls underway, it may be because the car battery is not getting recharged due to a bad alternator. If you have a faulty alternator, it is more likely that your car battery will stall immediately, even after jump starting.
  • The alternator also regulates the voltage of the power supplied to the car electronics. A faulty alternator causes the car battery to overheat due to overcharging. This shortens the expected battery life and also makes it unreliable.

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