If you’re experiencing starting problems in your vehicle, it can be either because of a dying car battery or a faulty alternator. The problems with a dead car battery can be resolved easily with the timely battery replacement. However, before replacing the battery, it is important to check whether the root cause was a bad alternator.

An alternator is one of the most important components of the car’s engine. While the battery starts your car, the alternator manages voltage and supplies power back to recharge the battery when the car is running.

The question is, can a faulty alternator destroy a new car battery? The answer is that a bad alternator, does not always affect the car battery, especially if the battery is new.

However, there are chances that the faulty alternator can kill your new battery. Here is what happens.

Overcharging of battery – A bad alternator is incapable of managing the voltage charge and it can end up overcharging your car battery. Overcharging can result in premature cell failure due to overcharging. A surge of power can also damage your car electronics

Intermittent Charging – Car batteries are not the main source of power for the car. The alternator ensures a steady supply of power when the car is running. A faulty alternator can cause intermittent charging, wherein the engine shifts to the battery for the power source. Intermittent charging can dry up the car battery and damage it.

Loss of charge – When your alternator goes bad, it can stop redirecting the power back to the battery after the car starts. This results in insufficient power which is not enough to keep the battery charged. If it happens often, continued lack of charge can damage the battery.

Surprisingly, despite the state of your alternator, your battery can still run properly. However, if not attended to, a battery running with a bad alternator will not last for long.

Your car gives tell-tale signs when there is something wrong with the alternator. From noises, to stalling engine and even the check-engine light, it is important to pay attention to these signs.

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