5 Beautiful New Places To Discover By Road This Winter

5 Beautiful New Places To Discover By Road This Winter

Are you tired of parties and staycations? A road trip to new places is just what you need to mix things up and keep the fun going. Exploring the diverse landscapes of the new places is a fun experience and perfect getaway from the skyscrapers, traffic, and humdrum of the city. With the weather cooling …

Things to do when your car stops in the middle of the road!

Nobody wants to be stuck with a stalled car in the middle of the road. But, the extreme temperatures of Dubai can affect your vehicle adversely and lead to unpleasant incidents. So, if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, here are the steps that you can take: • Get your vehicle …

Causes of Car Starting Problem – Battery or Alternator?

If you are experiencing car starting troubles, it is most likely because of a dying car battery, corroded cable connections, faulty starter, or even an issue with the alternator. While the car battery supplies the electric charge for the starting system and turns the gears to start the car, the alternator is the part that …

Can a bad alternator damage a new car battery?

If you’re experiencing starting problems in your vehicle, it can be either because of a dying car battery or a faulty alternator. The problems with a dead car battery can be resolved easily with the timely battery replacement. However, before replacing the battery, it is important to check whether the root cause was a bad …

National day – 48 Hour Bonanza

48 Hour Bonanza! Flat 30% Discount on Battery Installations, as we celebrate UAE’s 48th National Day. Offer valid on 2nd and 3rd December 2019.

UAE National Day Celebration

DAB team celebrated UAE’s 48th National Day with pride and joy. The UAE National Day stands for UAE Union Day when the anniversary of the union between the six emirates on 2nd December 1971 is celebrated.

Festive Family Fair 2019

Dial-A-Battery participated in the ExpatWoman’s Festive Family Fair 2019 on 22nd November 2019 at Sports Village in Dubai Sports City. It was a fun-filled event, with lots of activities, giveaways, entertainment, and general festive fun for the entire family. A BIG thank you to everyone who came to visit us 🙂

Buckle-Up 2020

#HopInAndBuckleUp is Dial-A-Battery’s initiative to encourage people to wear seat belts. In support of the road-safety laws in the UAE, Dial-A-Battery organized an edutaining program ‘Hop in and buckle-up’ for the kids on 24th January 2020 at the HSBC Rugby Festival Dubai in collaboration with Paris Norriss, Guy In Dubai. Dial-A-Battery has organized similar campaigns …

‘Buckle-Up’ Road Safety campaign in schools of Abu Dhabi

The popular on-site car battery replacement service, Dial-A-Battery, is back with its road safety campaign ‘Buckle Up’ in Abu Dhabi. Buckle-Up is a fun-edutaining initiative that teaches the kids the importance of buckling up their seat-belts in the vehicle. An initiative hosted by Dial-A-Battery that ensures every kid is safe while on the road. “Buckle-up …

Participate in the #NeverGetStuck contest for your chance to win AED 5000 with Dial-A-Battery!

The summer of UAE remains to bake everyone and probably everything, and we all would agree with that. But, we know how to keep up with the temperature unlike our cars. Have you ever been excited to head for something great, and then found your car battery is dead? Yes, I am talking about that …

Dial-A-Battery accelerates commitment to safety with “Hop in and Buckle up” campaign

In support of the new laws in the UAE, Dial-A-Battery, initiated an edutaining program ‘Hop in and buckle-up’ supported by RTA in some of the leading schools in Dubai like Kings’ School, Regent International School and Dubai British School. The main reason behind educating kids was to ensure that the next generation is responsible and …

Dial-A-Battery proves popular with children at Al Jalila Cultural center for children Spring Camp

Captain Volt is the star of the show as children learn to change batteries and tires Guests and parents were pleasantly surprised when both Dial-A-Battery and Dial-A-Tire caught the attention of children at the Al Jalila Cultural center for children Spring camp parking lot by offering young campers the rare experience of learning to change …

Tips on car batteries from experts at Dial-A-Battery

The iconic Captain Volt shares his super-expert advice. It happens to the best of us. You’re dashing off to work or an appointment… you turn the ignition key on and well, your car won’t start. Frustration immediately kicks in. You’ve guessed right – your vehicle has a flat battery! When your battery fails your vehicle …

Dial-A-Battery celebrates 5 years with additional services

Dubai’s Dial-A-Battery, which offers onsite battery replacement, is celebrating five years of success in the UAE with the launch of two new additional services: Flat Tyre Replacement and Fuel Delivery. The launch of these two new services are in line with Dial-A-Battery’s strategy to expand its range of offerings. The Flat Tyre Replacement service offers …

Dial-A-Battery expands fleet in the UAE

Reinforcing its growth plans aimed at supporting the needs of its diversified client base across the UAE, Dial-A-Battery – the 24×7 onsite battery replacement service has announced a strategic expansion of its fleet in the country. The Dial-A-Battery service, which started as a two-member field technician team in 2011, has announced that its fleet has …

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