‘Buckle-Up’ Road Safety campaign in schools of Abu Dhabi

DAB is back post 2The popular on-site car battery replacement service, Dial-A-Battery, is back with its road safety campaign ‘Buckle Up’ in Abu Dhabi. Buckle-Up is a fun-edutaining initiative that teaches the kids the importance of buckling up their seat-belts in the vehicle. An initiative hosted by Dial-A-Battery that ensures every kid is safe while on the road.

“Buckle-up campaign is fun,” said Asad Badami, Managing Director of Dial-A-Battery, “Kids learn and make it a habit when it is fun to learn. Our activity includes story-telling and dancing a fun interactive way to learn.”

The Buckle-Up campaign involved interaction with kids by story-telling, dance and fun time with Captain Volt. Asad further added, “As an organisation operating in the automobile sector, we feel responsible towards creating awareness about road safety amongst children, drivers, parents, and people at large. Wearing a seat-belt doesn’t cost you anything, but not wearing one can cost your life.”

Buckle-up is a CSR initiative undertaken by Dial-A-Battery started in 2017. The main aim behind the ‘Buckle Up’ campaign is to educate the kids and ensure that road safety habits become a part of their routine from a very young age. Buckling up of seat belt is very important habit as it increases the chances of surviving a vehicle collision.

The summer of UAE remains to bake everyone and probably everything, and we all would agree with that. But, we know how to keep up with the temperature unlike our cars. Have you ever been excited to head for something great, and then found your car battery is dead? Yes, I am talking about that cruel situation that heat brings in front of us at times.

Yes, those morning howls of people has finally reached to the ears of Dial-a-battery, and it has brought up-to-the-minute onsite car battery services to your rescue.

Never Get Stuck 1


What is the #NeverGetStuck contest all about?

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This campaign is basically to promote the idea of convenient and hassle-free service of Dial-A-Battery: Instead of wasting your time to take your car to the workshop / service center, you can get your dead car battery replaced using Dial-A-Battery on-site service.


About Dial-A-Battery

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Car Maintenance And Weather Conditions In UAE

It’s no longer a hidden fact that severe and extreme weather conditions usually have negative effects on vehicles of all types. When cars are not properly maintained, it will surely result in one thing which is the breakdown of that particular car.

summerDuring the summer in the UAE, the weather conditions could cause some serious damage to your car if proper care and attention are not given to that particular car. This is because weather conditions make temperatures to reach a very high Celsius degree. You must give your car adequate importance for it to withstand the summer weather in the UAE.

Cars are not supposed to be exposed to very difficult and inconsistent weather conditions because it will surely reduce the lifespan of that car in no distant time. So, even if one wants to expose his or her car in such conditions, the person must ensure that the engine and everything related to it must be properly checked and put in place.

The engine must be checked properly starting from the radiator to the engine oil.
Also, the coolant must always be filled to the very high level adequately and at every time so that the engine will not overheat in any way.
Another factor to be considered is for the person to always park his or her car in a very cool environment such as under a shade to prevent the interior of the car from heat. So, it is expected that the interior of the car will surely last well because of this gesture.

Importance of Wearing Seat Belts

Safety devices are very important in our everyday life. Many accidents happen every single day and using safety restraints properly, have saved many lives. It is essential to recognize not only the importance of wearing seat belts but also the importance of the proper use of one.


According to statistics published by the Road Safety organizations here in the UAE, many fatalities on our roads were due to unbuckled vehicle occupants. Thankfully, many more lives were saved in vehicle accidents, because they were using a seat belt restraint device.

In their research, The Institute of Public Health at the UAE University in Al Ain, stated that only about 10% of vehicle occupants wear seat belts when in the car. In 2014 alone, 67,483 such violations were recorded according to UAE Traffic Police in their annual report.

These figures, more than doubled in the first half of 2015, as the number of seat belt violations went up to an astounding figure of 158,406. This data was based on the fines issued to the individuals that violated the UAE Vehicle Safety rules.

Serious automobile accidents result in a fatality or serious bodily harm. Wearing a seat belt prevents passenger ejection during a severe accident. The chances of surviving, inevitably increases by 45% when wearing a proper safety restraint device.

To reinforce this, the UAE has placed new laws which will drastically reduce road fatalities because it’s now one person, one seat belt. Seat belts save lives.

Summer Car Maintenance In UAE

The UAE is one of the most exotic places on the planet, large open spaces and smooth roads that just seem to call you to get into your car and go for long drives. In a few weeks it will be peak summer time and a lot of UAE; Abu Dhabi and Dubai regulars would set out for road trips. But have you ever noticed that cars tend to be a little more difficult to maintain during the summer in UAE? If you have noticed this situation before, then have no fear as it is quite common. The reasons for this are actually quite simple:

  • You actually drive a lot more in the summer: Using your car more often will always put a lot more stress on it than usual.
  • The UAE can get really hot in summer: when given the choice between extreme cold and extreme heat, a number of us would pick warmth, but this can be tough on the radiators, crack the tyres, clog up the filters and stress the batteries.

car tips
Here is what to do to keep your car in good summer condition:

  • Clean out your fuel filters at the start of the season.
  • Check your tyres for wear and replace them if need be.
  • Check your windshield wipers and change them if there are signs of wear on the edges.
  • Go for an oil change and get a lighter or less viscous motor oil.
  • Check your radiators and hoses for leakages or cracks. If you have any, ensure you replace them. If you use specialized coolants, this would be a great time to get a top up.
  • As always ensure your batteries are in top condition before you begin your vacation trips.

Like Mr. Sajid, our Senior Technician at Dial-A-Battery will say, “Our job is to make cars live longer”, call us today at Dial-A-Battery, the one-source solution for authentic and high performing SOLITE, Bosch, AC DELCO and Eveready batteries that will make your car last longer and perform better.