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We provide the best auto maintenance services under one roof in Dubai, UAE.

Our Battery Brands

Nobody wants to find their car dead while heading for an important work. Quality investments in your car certainly offer you a lot of benefits, both at the time and in the long run. When it comes to looking after your four-wheeler, the battery is something that plays one of the most significant roles. A good quality battery is important to keep things running smoothly.

Dial-A-Battery offers a wide range of affordable, low maintenance and long lasting car batteries. We carry the largest range of SOLITE Batteries as well as Eveready, AC Delco and Bosch brands.

Regular battery check-ups ensure optimal performance and prevent unexpected breakdowns. With Dial-A-Battery's expert services, you can rely on a hassle-free experience, ensuring your car is always ready for the road.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond batteries, encompassing reliable brands and affordable options. Count on Dial-A-Battery for unparalleled service and products, ensuring your car remains a dependable companion in your daily endeavors.

Solite Battery

Solite is the major OEM supplier to Hyundai and KIA motors all over the world, and the presence of Solite batteries in all factory assembled Hyundai and KIA vehicles is a solid assurity of its superior quality.

Solite, a Korean brand, is a highly reliable automotive battery that satisfies car lover’s worldwide under all conditions. The internal rust-free calcium metal exhibits the excellent heat resistance and strong immunity against any drastic temperature change. It is a maintenance free product that needs no refilling of the electrolytic solutions.


  • Stable Engine Operation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Built-in Indicator
  • Easy-Carry Handle

Eveready Battery

Eveready batteries are made to the highest quality standards in the Johnson Controls factory in Europe. These batteries are designed to deliver long life performance through optimized grid design using the most modern European manufacturing technologies.

Main Features: EVEREADY automotive batteries are designed for high heat resistance to ensure unparalleled performance even in demanding climatic conditions. The optimized grid design gives long life, and the active material has been developed to endure the aggressive usage conditions. The unique labyrinth cover in Eveready truck batteries has been coupled with the flame arrestors and special caps for safety. All batteries are delivered filled and charged for a total maintenance-free performance..

AGM Technology: EVEREADY Automotive Batteries also introduce the upgraded AGM Technology in its GOLD range for Start-Stop vehicles with regenerative braking and high energy demands.


  • Stable Engine Operation
  • Built-in Indicator

AC Delco Battery

AC Delco is the world-class leader in the automotive spare-parts business, with a long and successful history that dates back to 1899. It is an American brand.

When reliable starting power is a priority, AC Delco Batteries are the answer. Strict quality control systems and modern facilities produce excellent high quality batteries that are rugged, reliable, tough and ready to work.

Types of Batteries:

  • Sealed Maintenance Free(SMF): These maintenance free batteries are built in hydrometer and have integrated or rope handle for ease of transport and installation.
  • Heavy Duty Maintenance Free Batteries (HMF): These batteries have a long life as the robust plate design provides extra strength and improved corrosion resistance.
  • Low Maintenance Hybrid Batteries(LMH): These high technology batteries provide additional stability and reduce the risk of battery failure especially at high temperature.
  • VRLA Battery: VRLA batteries are spill proof and have a long shell life. These can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Bosch Battery

Bosch, a German multinational engineering and electronics company, has been around for 125 years and Bosch automotive technology has a history stretching back 114 years.

Types of Batteries:

  • S3 Batteries: The S3 Battery is an economical solution for older cars with less electrical equipment.
  • S4 Batteries: The S4 is an all-around battery focused on mid-size car segment with average number of electrical consumers.
  • S5 Batteries: The Bosch S5 Car Battery is well suited for premium car segments including upper-class domestic, imported segments & vehicles with a high number of electrical consumers. The S5 Battery delivers dependable power in extreme temperatures & other high demand situations.
  • S6 High Performance AGM Batteries: Bosch S6 High Performance AGM Batteries provide excellent charge acceptance & peak power for vehicles with start/stop systems, regenerative braking & the highest electronic demand. The S6 features AGM™ technology & satisfies the highest starting & power supply standards even in extreme hot & cold climates.

Varta Batteries

VARTA batteries are the driving force behind fuel-saving innovations like start-stop engines. Manufactured with up to 20 percent fewer emissions, they’ll reliably restart your car’s engine again and again, and effectively reduce your fuel consumption. They are factory-fitted by major carmakers and trusted by drivers globally.

VARTA automotive batteries are powered by Johnson Controls Power Solutions, the global leader in lead-acid and advanced batteries for conventional, start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles, and the first company to produce lithium-ion batteries for mass-production hybrid vehicles.

Types of Batteries:

  • Batteries for Cars with Start-Stop Technology: VARTA offers car batteries that are specifically designed for start-stop vehicles – such as Silver Dynamic AGM and Blue Dynamic EFB.
  • Batteries for Conventional or Older Cars: VARTA Automotive batteries are trusted by customers globally and will meet your needs.
  • Batteries for Classic Cars: An original VARTA Classic battery – It is handmade in the original design, but with the innovative technology of today.

Amaron Batteries

Amaron batteries incorporate the latest technological advances in the field of captive power and are on par with batteries manufactured and marketed anywhere in the world. Amaron batteries are made in QS 9000 IS 14000 & TS 16949 certified plants using world-class technology and has proved to be the only battery that has twice the life when compared to other batteries even in the dry and humid desert conditions of Northern Australia.


  • High Cranking Power
  • Zero-Maintenance
  • High Heat Tolerance
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Improved Safety
  • Long Life
  • Highest Reserve Capacity
  • Factory Charged – Ready to Use

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With Dial-A-Battery, your car is in safe hands. Whether your car’s battery requires a boost up or a replacement, we are capable and ready to assist, wherever, whenever. Book an appointment with us or simply buy the battery that fits in your car. Save time and stress, when we bring the workshop to you!

Don't let a dead battery slow you down. Our expert team ensures a quick and efficient solution to keep you on the move. With Dial-A-Battery, reliability meets convenience. Choose us for hassle-free service tailored to your needs!

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