‘Buckle-Up’ Road Safety campaign in schools of Abu Dhabi

DAB is back post 2The popular on-site car battery replacement service, Dial-A-Battery, is back with its road safety campaign ‘Buckle Up’ in Abu Dhabi. Buckle-Up is a fun-edutaining initiative that teaches the kids the importance of buckling up their seat-belts in the vehicle. An initiative hosted by Dial-A-Battery that ensures every kid is safe while on the road.

“Buckle-up campaign is fun,” said Asad Badami, Managing Director of Dial-A-Battery, “Kids learn and make it a habit when it is fun to learn. Our activity includes story-telling and dancing a fun interactive way to learn.”

The Buckle-Up campaign involved interaction with kids by story-telling, dance and fun time with Captain Volt. Asad further added, “As an organisation operating in the automobile sector, we feel responsible towards creating awareness about road safety amongst children, drivers, parents, and people at large. Wearing a seat-belt doesn’t cost you anything, but not wearing one can cost your life.”

Buckle-up is a CSR initiative undertaken by Dial-A-Battery started in 2017. The main aim behind the ‘Buckle Up’ campaign is to educate the kids and ensure that road safety habits become a part of their routine from a very young age. Buckling up of seat belt is very important habit as it increases the chances of surviving a vehicle collision.

The summer of UAE remains to bake everyone and probably everything, and we all would agree with that. But, we know how to keep up with the temperature unlike our cars. Have you ever been excited to head for something great, and then found your car battery is dead? Yes, I am talking about that cruel situation that heat brings in front of us at times.

Yes, those morning howls of people has finally reached to the ears of Dial-a-battery, and it has brought up-to-the-minute onsite car battery services to your rescue.

Never Get Stuck 1


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This campaign is basically to promote the idea of convenient and hassle-free service of Dial-A-Battery: Instead of wasting your time to take your car to the workshop / service center, you can get your dead car battery replaced using Dial-A-Battery on-site service.


About Dial-A-Battery

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